It’s been while but selling a home and relocating to a new state in the middle of winter and amidst a global pandemic can be all consuming. Plus, at my new location I’m still struggling to get my internet service functioning properly so I can start the stream again… ButContinue Reading

This one is stuck in my head today. I have one person in mind as I sing along with this tune but I can also see it as a reminder of how we should all be behaving toward one another. We have become a country of citizens who seem toContinue Reading

First time I heard this tune it was a powerful experience. And it stuck, from the first moment. Learned the lyrics the same day and the song haunted me for many months. It comes back from time to time, not sure what catalyzes the return but it is here nowContinue Reading

I’m a long time SecondLife member having joined back in September, 2006. At that time I joined because I worked for IBM who had developed a large sim there. We actually had in-world meetings. I had a job interview in SL once. Anyway, IBM left, I stayed. One of myContinue Reading

So me this morning…. Unfortunately there is this news about Mr. Browne: Jackson Browne tested positive for the Corona virus back in March. But he’s okay.Continue Reading

When I was a kid, really young, learning music, listening to it all the time, playing it… I would sometimes think about what music would be like in the future. My generation thought about stuff like that because of the space program and Star Trek. I’m serious. Anyway, I alwaysContinue Reading

Time for a few U2 stories. U2 and my son are forever mixed together for me. I’d love U2 anyway but that connection makes them priceless. After my son and I moved to NY, he was about 3, I nabbed a decent job in Rye at the Texaco Corporate Hq.Continue Reading

Why him? How can I even pick just one when there are thousands of incredible guitarists in the world? 1979 – Bob Greenburg’s house, Western Ky Those of us music lovers who were in Bob’s inner circle were summoned. The new John McLaughlin and the One Truth Band album, ElectricContinue Reading