I was at the Gulf of Mexico yesterday, doing a Zen beach walk in Surfcity, and dodging Man-of-Wars. Today I wanted to learn more about Man-of-Wars, so did a YouTube search on them. Somehow this was served up: There is something about the paths of discovery put in front ofContinue Reading

Bought this one off bandcamp last week… bought a bunch of Aloboi tunes, matterfact, but this is my current favorite. I’ll be featuring Aloboi this week at the Biology Club. Bio from Last.fm Biography German/British composer and recording artist from Luxembourg. Aloboi likes to release music inspired by various styles,Continue Reading

Update: You can read my review or watch this review on YouTube…. he nails it in so many ways!!! Saw it. Carrie & Keanu were great. It was wonderful to see them again. Jada was old but still fierce. Merovingian made me laugh out loud. But overall, it was onlyContinue Reading

I’ve had a few discord servers but the one I have now is specifically for this site and my radio station. You’re welcome to join – only 3 of us at the moment. Here’s a non-expiring link https://discord.gg/GScqGcz4DB You can always come to this site and click on the radioContinue Reading

I have all my CDs and I am now going to rip them all. Rip & Roll baby. That’s me. Let’s see how I do. Right now I’m going based on what I want to hear and today it’s this amazing gem from 1979. I remember this album coming outContinue Reading

I’d love to know what you’d add… The criteria is broad. The title, the artist, the theme, the lyrics, the general content and just about any other excuse you want to add so long as it’s something to do with the night noir of Halloween. Use this link You’ll getContinue Reading