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I don’t know about you but I’m very happy to see crypto going back up! I never gave up and I think that will pay off in the long run.

One of the fun aspects of crypto is playing around with NFTs. My favorite types are music based like the following and Opensea has a whole catalog of Music NFTs.

Save The Planet by Danubio Rodriguez is one I bought early last year.

Dealing with Crypto and NFTs is really confusing. I’ve studied it. I have a notebook that contains all my notes. I earn crypto by doing Coinbase education. But there is always more to learn and that said, it took me awhile to figure out whether or not I (and 7 others) own this Save the Planet asset. It came with unlockable content which leads to a link where I can buy a license. After a little more reading I learned I can have a personal use .mp3 but have to pay $10 for a license for other than personal use and high quality which is still confusing since the asset has a Creative Commons tag right on it.

Anyway… I’m putting it into my website where you can listen to the whole thing

It’s trippy. I like it.

I suppose I could ask Danubio Rodriguez regarding what’s what with owning the NFT vs license, etc. I do follow him on Youtube. BTW, I found this playlist particularly interesting because it’s about Linux Multimedia Studio.

All my lurking, dear readers, if you have NFT insights wrt music I’d love to read your comments!

Oh, and here’s this for further reading: What are Music NFTs?

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  1. Very cool! Sadly I have no insights… 😉

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