Copyright Music on SecondLife

I sometimes get asked about copyright music I play on KelZone.

The main thing is that I do it via SecondLife (see other posts about SL). I have my SIM, my radio station, and the stream I use is purchased via a vendor in SL which in turn purchases blocks of addresses from Shoutcast. SecondLife is the key. Here’s why:


So it’s like me playing my legally purchased music for friends who come over to my house. Or even playing for them music that’s posted on a social media site like YouTube, etc.

In addition, I have very few listeners. I’m totally fine with that. For the most part this is just a hobby for me, something to keep me playing with technology and having some fun. You can see my peak users by going to

At this time you can see my peak is 9 listeners. These are typically people who come to the club where I DJ in SecondLife. Shoutcast does, sometimes, reset that number. I’m not sure what drives that. But I know my all time high was something like 24. I’ve had much bigger parties at my house than that.

The fact that my RadioStation, KelZone, broadcasts 12 hours a day (9am-9pm ct) also doesn’t matter because, again, it’s within SecondLife. I’m nearly always logged into SL hanging out at my radio station while the broadcast is going. Now, I may not be active, I may be sitting there on my meditation platform watching the waves and the dolphins while in RL I’m doing something else but that is also irrelevant.

Electric Lady Land SIM in SecondLife where you can visit and check out the KelZone radio station.

Then there is DMCA. Here is a guide to most things about DMCA. The rules in SecondLife are generally stated as something like this: Can’t play more than 3 songs by the same artist in less than 3 hours. I can’t find that written rule anywhere. So no full albums – I suppose. This is interesting.

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