Behind the Music – Call On Me, from Daft Punk to Eric Prydz

I just watched this and had to share it. In fact, I’m going to create a new category called “Behind The Music” and regularly post these when I find them because I watch A LOT of these types of videos.

Today I’m referring to this one,

It’s a good thing that Daft Punk achieved such stellar success and DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter don’t regret, too much, Prydz hitting number one with their “dj tool”. Guetta told them to do it!

Need your Daft Punk fix… here ya go (it’s in there)…

I was always a huge Steve Winwood fan – like – since the Traffic days. Can you sing Dear Mr. Fantasy? I can!

Anyway, I digress as so often I do in the posts (adding rambling tag).

I’ll feature these tunes in SL next week. And it occurs to me now that I could present something from this in all three clubs: Pop, Rock, or EDM! ha!! Sweet!!!

So. Yeah. Enjoy this, down the rabbit hole, home made YouTube video which is crazy as hell in all it’s convoluted twists and turns. Howard Hands, I salute you! If you love Behind The Music stories, this is a must see!

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  1. I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t know all the lyrics to Mr. Fantasy…but I do love it so…

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