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Nostalgic Gamer here. What about you?

So in 1999 I read about this new game about to be released and it was called EverQuest. I checked the minimum requirements and knew my PC wouldn’t handle it so I literally built a new computer to play specifically to play that game! How’s that for some old woman savvy?

My gaming goes back to the mid-80s. Aside from the DOS games that came with the operating system I believe the first game I played was Transylvania. That was a completely text based game, if I recall correctly.

After that I started working for IBM so I had internet access (pre-WWW) and discovered MMORPGs that were text based and were referred to as MUDs (and MUSHs). The first MMORPG I was in was NovaLink – it wasn’t really a game so much as a community. It wasn’t a MUD, I don’t think. But it was very cool. That was the first time I met someone from an online community too. So I learned in the 80s that people met first online are not so much like they are in real life. But I also learned that most of them are honestly who they are in the game unless they’re some sort of sociopath (I have met a few of those, too). After NovaLink I was into this MUD called Shades of Evil (SoE). Who else was there… tap tap tap – anybody out there?

SoE was great fun. I never reached level 100 but I got close, 90something. I also made a deep, lasting (to this day) friendship, as well. Ah, the good ole days. BTW, back then you’d telnet into games like that. What a wonderful world that was… the Internet pre-WWW. The places to telnet too, FTPing files… seems so very primitive now.

I worked on (coded) a MUD for awhile. That was a fun thing to do. But my job ended up taking more and more of my time so I couldn’t really get any deeper into it. Last thing I coded was using Unity3D and creating a little VR game. Also much fun.

But back to EQ…. when that game came out it was so freakin legendary. I was obsessed with it. I had this Erudite character that ended up being a little too hard for me to play but it was a great experience all the same. The graphics were, as I remember it anyway and we all know how flawed memories are, the best of the best at the time.

Yesterday, feeling all nostalgic for those EQ days I tried to login to my account. The email associated to it is long gone, I assumed, so no could do. Not to be deterred, I created a new account and DL EQ. OMG the graphics are sooooooooooo old. I mean, compared to something like Elden Ring!!!!! smh Oh how far we have come, y’all!! Anyway, I found EQ II on Steam. Those graphics are a bit better and I’m playing it now and it’s bringing back some very good memories.

I’d have to say, though, that my all time favorite game was Neverwinter Nights. It came out… early 2000s? I think. But what was so fantastic about it was that you could created your own modules and all your friends could play it with you. Online DMing was groundbreaking, that was so so so cool. My bff and I played scores if not hundreds of hours together on public servers and some of those adventures still happily reside in my memory banks. And again I made a lasting friendship that continues to this day.

I still play it from time to time (graphics on par with EQ, ooooold), both single player and online simply because it feels good to do so. If you’re interested, try the Blackstone Keep server. It doesn’t require mods and is well run and fun – you can power build a new character on Saturdays as they run an event every weekend.

I played the Neverwinter MMORPG on xbox and it was okay and has lovely graphics but by the time I reached the end game I was over it. Honestly, I’m too old for the grind shite.

Couple of days ago I hit lvl 30 in Witcher3. Finally playing it, and I love it. Also play STRAY… whomever wrote that game loves cats, I’m just saying. It’s an adorable piece of work. I also like the game created by NinaMarie https://www.twitch.tv/ninamarie/about She’s very creative. Very different stuff. Okay, maybe girlie but I’m a girl so I don’t care!

I do miss my VR. I played some VR Skyrim and Tomb Raider although those were not at all my favorite VR games. I’ve written before (TOKiMONSTA) that The Wave was my fav thing to do in Valve world. I didn’t much like wearing a hmd for more than an hour or so. My kid modified his, 3D printed some kind of something so that he always has fresh air coming in and that would make a world of difference for me. He only told me about that yesterday, wtaf?!

So yeah… something other than music today. Just feeling old but happy and oh so grateful that gaming has been part of my adult life. There is nothing better for me, when my mind is full of unwanted or unnecessary thoughts, than gaming whether it be PC or console, to clear the clutter.

BTW, I’m wondering if I should do Eve (Dust, is it?) on my phone…. 🙂


This post reminded me of this… if you are interested, at all, in game history fun stuff, this is a must see

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