Peter Gabriel – Heroes

One of the best covers of a great tune, ever!

Peter Gabriel – Heroes

From the day David Bowie released this tune (1977, a great year) it became an instant classic. Many have done it, many more will do their own take on it but this one by Peter Gabriel is singularly satisfying. It is both sad and uplifting. It is also way too short and leaves you wanting more.

And have you seen this 2010 live version? Gives me goosebumps!

Peter Gabriel – Heroes. Live 2010

I adored Genesis. Each and everyone of them and every single album before and after PG. But for me Gabriel was the beating heart of the group. When he went solo I literally wore out those albums. To this day they remain timeless treasures.

Sometime, maybe 2006, I saw Tony Levin in Woodstock. He played with this local group called Uncle Funk along with his brother, Joe Beesmer (who recently passed), Jesse Gress (Todd Rundgren), and Jerry Marotta (Hall & Oates). These dudes were playing in a small club doing tunes like Mustang Sally! Jesus what a great time that was. And I also saw them at a Woodstock Guitar Festival where there were – no lie – maybe 12 people there. I couldn’t help but wonder… what is it like for Tony to go from tiny local venues to mega crowds like Peter Gabriel concerts?!

I wonder if Gabriel ever wishes he could walk into a small venue and rock a few dozen people’s world? I wonder all sorts of things about Gabriel. I didn’t ever see him in concert but my ex husband did and he said when he was in Genesis he had these crazy contact lens that made it look like lights were blasting out of his eyes! No LSD necessary for a trip like that! ha!!

When you think about the span and success of PG it is very hard to find anyone else who can compare… and to my ears he sounds just as great today as he did all those decades ago.

I adore this man. He’s very much on my mind today for no reason at all, so just thought I’d share. 🙂

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