Emma Carol – Rewild

Simply one of the best.

I regularly get cravings to hear it, to watch it.

There is something very special about it.


Emma Carol – Rewild

Rewilding is the process of reclaiming our true nature. Hearing the voice of the Earth. Reconnecting to our identities, and to all of life.

In the quiet we hear our Mother’s
voice like a dream, she say

Break through the concrete
escape those bleak streets
finally feel the soft soil
beneath your feet

Expose my living skin
To the sun and air

Be prepared
Great change is coming soon

With your touch
I can heal my wounds
If you just allow me to breathe
We will weave with this greenness
The great blanket of peace

Break through the asphalt
encasing your heart
embark on the path of courage
nothin’ going stop you

Be bold, for all
that you hold dear.
No fear, let go
Rewild your soul

All you need is around you
in abundance, of love
You are blessed beyond measure
From below and above just

Follow the map
Writ new in every leaf
See we steam from each other
My friend you complete me

Work isn’t work with your hands in the earth
Rest is so sweet when you bring life to birth
Chase the flight of a floating weed seed
Hum along to the song of a bumble bee

Follow the branches
that ground the light
Nourishing the dirt though
they point to the sky

Gaze at the clouds as they drift by
Tumble with the tide
Like you are baptised
Be reminded that you are a wild child

So, dance with the shadows
Of the swaying trees
Fall with the rain
Roll with the waves

Pause to reflect
On the stillness of a lake
Every ripple saying
‘We are one and the same’

Trace your fingers
Along the veins of a leaf
You a branch of this family
A most incredible creature

Close your eyes
Find your path
Know that life is a cycle
Every ending a fresh start

As the seasons shift
and the colors change
Die to the past
Embrace each new day

Listen to me
Listen to me with your heart

Embark on the path of courage
Nothings gonna stop you

Listen to me
Listen to me with your heart
Be bold for all that you hold dear
No fear

Let me breath if you love me
let me breathe, let me breath

You are blessed beyond measure
from below and above

Let me breathe if you love me
let me breathe, let me breath
Let go
rewild your soul

Protect me as your kin
See, hear, feel
You know where to begin again

Allow me to recover and thrive
Revive the tribe

And we can move into
the future as One
My daughters my sons

She say
Every other species is doing its part
And you came here
to shine a way through the darkness

She says our freedom is assured…
And we’re the ones that we’re waiting for

So I take flight
See the cage left open
Make a break for it
Reject slavery
Turn away from hatred

Maybe we were chained
Gain strength from our mistakes
Move beyond civilisation
with all life at stake

Won’t simply sink back
Watch the planet ravaged man
Drowning in the city
Still clinging to my baggage

I can’t be weighted down
I release my regret
Move with the moment
As living spirit
Fused with flesh

If not you who?
If not now when?
You’ve been bashed bruised and broken
Ain’t beaten yet
My friend

So be bold for all that i hold dear
No fear
Then let go
Rewild your soul

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