Back in SecondLife – DJ Kyllei

Things are starting to gel in a more consistent way with regards to my ‘work’ in SecondLife and my beloved KelZone Radio hobby.

UPDATED 7/8/2022 with calendar address. Can access calendar here.

I’ll be back in the most awesome music venue in SecondLife, Dresi Ligati’s Biology Club, every Thursday from 2-4pm slt (SecondLife time is the same as Pacific time or UTC -08:00). You can see all the Biology Club events on their calendar and I have a calendar of my own that is moving to proton… I’ll update this post when that’s complete.

At the Biology Club universe I’ll also be covering for others and doing special events. I’ll do my best to keep the calendar updated. You can also join my Discord Channel for more timely information (and to submit requests!). The Biology Club also has a Discord Channel and Guests are welcomed to join.

Just as a reminder, SecondLife is the real metaverse on the Internet and it has been for almost 20 years. It has thriving communities and endless opportunities including real world income possibilities. I joined in 2006 and it still holds my interest which is no small feat. You can join for free and nearly any PC or Laptop, no matter how old, can run the SL viewer – my old Mac from 2009 still runs it! There are other viewer options as well.

If you decide to join, please stop by my radio station, Electric Lady Land, and leave me mail and join my group.

Electric Lady Land

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