Gettin Married

Earlier today I received a call from one of my bestfriends in the whole wide world. Him & His are getting married any minute now and he wanted to know if I had any last minute words of advice. Knowing he has no doubts about this decision and knowing how good they are together I said, “Be happy. Enjoy this day.”

As I walked my pup I pondered a love playlist for them that I could broadcast today* and in doing so wondered, What is my favorite love song? The oldie but classic Etta James – At Last came to mind first but in considering the lyrics I decided that’s not the best of love songs because the protagonist of the tune credits her love for clearing her loneliness, making the skies bluer, and the reason for everything in her life being better. Love does that but that’s not the sort of love that lasts because no one else can make you happy. Not in the long run, anyway. Your happiness must come from within you.

The next song that popped into my thoughts is this incredibly beautiful tune by Al Jarreau – Teach Me Tonight

Al Jarreau – Teach Me Tonight

His ‘We’re In This Love Together‘ also came to mind but ‘we’ve got a love that lasts forever’ doesn’t necessarily ring true to me anymore. Of course, there are some couples who keep their love forever but not without all the challenging ups and downs and the will to persevere no matter what. Look around you, how many couples do you know that stay together forever? People change, they evolve, they grow, they grow apart…

What I love about Teach Me Tonight is the absolute sensuality of the moment. Of teaching each other as you go along, one day at a time with full trust. Of deep intimacy that comes from sharing with each other without fear, without restraint, and with great respect and caring. This is what I want for my dear friends.

My deepest love goes out to these two wonderful people and my sincerest positive thoughts for them to have a very long and happy life together.

‘* Broadcasting nothing but songs about LOVE all day today on KelZone Radio



Rumi – I Want To See You

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