Summer Solstice, 2022, Litha

The end of Spring has arrived.

For us in the northern hemisphere the days will start to shrink.

During the solstice, the sun is at its highest point–over the Tropic of Cancer–and there are the most hours of daylight and least hours of darkness of any day in the year. Solstices happen every June and December, occurring at the same time around the world and marking the year’s longest and shortest days.

For all the poor souls in Texas the hottest temperatures are still ahead. Really not looking forward to that since it’s already in the 100s.

But there is something that pleases me about the days growing shorter. The approach of Autumn, my most favorite time of year.

I’m not a pagan but there are some aspects of paganism that are appealing. Perhaps it’s something that calls to the ancient feelings that reside deep inside all homo sapiens.

So, anyway, may the blessings of the Summer Solstice be upon you. 🙂

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