Top Gun – Maverick… meh


The original Top Gun is like a family heirloom.

My son’s grandfather was a fighter pilot. He gave a copy of the film to my kid when the boy was tiny… like, 3 years old! I probably wouldn’t have let him see the film so young but it happened while he was having his summer time with his Dad… it’s the paternal grandfather who was the wing commander (and so much more). He was our Great Santini. He thought pretty highly of the film.

When I picked up my kid that summer, after he had already watched the movie god only knows how many times, his first kiss in greeting me included an attempt to stick his tongue in my mouth since ‘that’s how they did it in the movie’. *insert shocked face here* ha!

So that movie was played in our home literally scores of times. I bet there are not many people who have seen (or heard it as it went on in the background) as much as we have. The expectations I had for the sequel were very high.

Top Gun – Maverick Trailer 2022

I wish I could say I loved it. I didn’t. I only liked it and what I liked about it were the flying scenes. I’ll admit I had goosebumps (no pun intended) probably four times. But, to quote the way my Dad would say it, “The movie was just a little too slick.”

It seemed like Tom was much more focused on the faces of the pilots during flight than the authenticity which makes the original movie so smashing.

The plot was okay but the easter egg after easter egg after easter egg situation was truly just too much and not at all cleverly concealed. My son was like, Yeah I heard you groan when you saw the Porsche. I totally did. I even thought that was Charlie’s house at first! It was as if they took the Top Gun script and just changed some of the details.

And I saw very little value for including Penny. I was glad Tom picked a mature beautiful woman like Jennifer Connolly but honestly it would have been more authentic to have Kelly McGillis there (large mature woman that she is – but we all know Hollywood would never allow) as a rock of lasting support behind Mav. Also she could be the reason why he had such a multimillion dollar collection of fabulous rides because we know that military salaries are based on grade not years of service!

My son also pointed out – Why was it a Navy mission? Why wouldn’t that have been the airforce who are so much more appropriate not to mention their F22s, etc… it’s all about the lack of authenticity which makes this movie a disappointment.

One of the best things was having Val Kilmer be in the movie but him having the implied throat cancer and him dying was a little bit creepy imho. I’d read where Tom said he wouldn’t do the movie without Kilmer and that I loved. That’s nothing but respectful.

Ed Harris looked gaunt af and I nearly choked when he used about the same words as James Tolkan had used. That’s what I mean, just too much.

So, in summary, it’s entertaining but I wouldn’t watch it again. I’d give it 3 out of 5 stars for entertainment, goosebumps, and effort.

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