Kyle Cease – Here & Now.. explanations of Oneness, Ego, Understanding and ultimately… Love

I have the best friends in the universe and never have I felt more *blessed* (I used that word not because I’m religious but because of the feeling that word inspires) than I do today.

One of my besties gave me this to watch tonight and after I watched it the first time, I went through and watched it again and took notes!

It’s always an amazement to understand the far reaching elements of Buddhism. This video covers so many and yet does so in a secular way. The explanations are simple, the messages easily absorbed. It is inspiring as well as educational.

Following your feelings can be very complicated. Is the feeling coming from a higher place or is it coming from ego, fear, or -as Mr. Cease refers to it- the Yeah But? And can’t fear open new portals? The whole concept of feelings being portals to your higher self and once embraced they purge the old fears and calm the ego is something I’ve personally experienced many times. But never enough. It can be very hard to shut down the Yeah Buts when you deeply believe that it’s not a fear but rather a path to something miraculous so how do you sort through that and make the right choice?

The more I follow the feelings, enter that portal, and let go of my fears the easier it gets. Sometimes I lose my way but that’s what it means to be human and that’s why the best friends in the universe make all the difference.

Just some fun ramblings for this Tuesday night in the summer heat and humidity. Time for a pertinent tune just before meditating. Ah, the magic combo of music therapy and meditation – it’s been too long a practice I’ve neglected. Back to SL for DJing soon!

Now for your pleasure, the one and only John McLaughlin:

John McLaughlin’s own cover of his Electric Dreams album tune: Love and Understanding

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