Aloboi – Want to Love

Bought this one off bandcamp last week… bought a bunch of Aloboi tunes, matterfact, but this is my current favorite. I’ll be featuring Aloboi this week at the Biology Club.

Bio from


German/British composer and recording artist from Luxembourg. Aloboi likes to release music inspired by various styles, with influences ranging from downtempo to house and dream pop. Aloboi writes, produces and sings all ALoBoi tracks all by himself.

Aloboi studied composition at the University of Manchester and the University for Music and Performing Arts, Vienna, from which he graduated with distinction. Aloboi is also an instrumental composer and have composed for ensembles including the Hugo Wolf Quartett, the Webern Symphony Orchestra and the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Cottbus State Theatre.

Love it as much as I do? Here are some other ways to follow Aloboi.

Reddit – u/ALoBoi_Music

YouTube – Aloboi

I don’t support FB or Instagram but if you do you can go find him there.

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