The Matrix Resurrections M4 *Spoilers*


You can read my review or watch this review on YouTube…. he nails it in so many ways!!!

Saw it.

Carrie & Keanu were great. It was wonderful to see them again. Jada was old but still fierce. Merovingian made me laugh out loud. But overall, it was only 2.5 out of 5☆s.

I was disappointed and that is in comparing it to M3. It’s not even in the same universe as M1.

The fight scenes where chopped to pieces, cramped, tight… it was not oooh and awwww material. There seemed to be little depth of field. All the grime and grit is gone – the warm green tone is still gone too. I didn’t find a whole lot of eye candy. Them jumping off the building was cool, though.

The story was always a love story. And the whole story here is Neo and Trinity’s resurrection and reunion. And about that, guess what?! It’s never been THE ONE it’s been THE COUPLE! Trinity is as superpowered as Neo. GO GIRL POWER. And Niobe is old (in more ways than one) but now she’s the one in charge. GO GIRL POWER. And that Bugs chick saved Neo – MORE GO GIRL POWER. But most of all, it was about the power of Love. I do like that aspect of the story.

I thought character development was dull despite all the girl power. Tiffany was mostly detached and although brimming with a full life seemed like an empty character. Perhaps that was the choice made for her. Her hubby, btw, was a bully. So was the “Analyst” – why the architect downgrade, btw? Actually, this guy was much worse than a bully; let’s call him a terrorist. I missed the stern and strong Morpheus, this iteration seems like a character from The Capitol of Panem but undressed he could be in solid form or could be particles… So, yeah, I wasn’t drawn to any of them.

I wanted to love it. I’m not a super critical movie fan either but this nearly 2.5 hr movie didn’t resonate with me. The person I watched it with told me I was generous, he gave it 1 – 1.5 ☆ I’m setting a year timer on it and will watch again sometime around then and reassess. The Matrix series holds such a dear place in that Entertainment Section of my heart that I can’t help but wonder how much of that shades my opinion now.

Oh. And the soundtrack SUCKED.

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  1. Been planning to check it out. I might pass…

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