Kelzone Discord

I’ve had a few discord servers but the one I have now is specifically for this site and my radio station. You’re welcome to join – only 3 of us at the moment. Here’s a non-expiring link

You can always come to this site and click on the radio link up on the top right of the page to listen to my stream, if it’s up. You’ll see immediately if it is or not. You can also come to Discord and check my name – if it has Playing SAM Broadcasting Pro… well, then i’m up. If not, I’m not.

For my friends and family if you have any requests you should let me know. You want to hear some easy Jazz every Saturday morning? I can do that. Have a birthday party and you don’t want to manage the music yourself, I could do that if you let me know in advance what you want. I told a friend last night, put together a playlist in .mp3 format and I’ll broadcast it for you. There are options. Discussing in Discord is where all that planning will take place. I’d love to figure out how to have a Guest when I’m broadcasting, so that’s one of the use cases we’re working on.

Strangers, you’re welcome. Play nice.

Meanwhile I’m trying to put together some programming so there is more going on. Right now the only time I’m officially broadcasting is every Thursday from 5-7pm eastern time from the lovely Biology Club in SecondLife.

If you’re in SecondLife be sure to visit my SIM.

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