Adios James Bond

Saw No Time to Die (2021) this past week. Didn’t like it. Just seemed like one big hot mess to me.

Fine, I get they didn’t retire his number. I was okay with the he / she 007. But it did make things messy.

Any humor in the film was poorly done. Couple of times I thought, “don’t tell me that was a laugh line”….

Craig looked worn out beat down even in the loved up scenes. Someone said that may have been intentional. Maybe. But I wasn’t a huge fan of any of the makeup or costumes. I really didn’t like this suit.

Ana de Armas was fabulous and was really the only Bond Girl in the movie. Is it bad to be called a bond GIRL I don’t even know. But Lea Seydoux seemed like an early 20something, single mom, all American girl (there’s that word again) type. She was alright. But then again looking back …. she’s good.

I mean, part of it isn’t even any of their fault. When Bond started he was pretty much the one-of-a-kind but now look at all the competition. The bar is just so high now for what is this archetype.

What did I like? Some nice cars. Nostalgic Bond theme music. But mostly I liked having a chance to say goodbye.

Bonds have been around since my earliest memories. Many a time has the debate started up about who was the best actor in the role. For me it will always be Connery but Craig won me over completely with Skyfall, it is just so well done. Craig always seemed more like an Illya Kuryakin type but he may be the one that the most people end up associating with the role. Time will tell.

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