What Michael Jackson might look like…

So I saw something on REDDIT that totally blew me away and I just have to share it.

The person who posted this is GEVANNY

GVANNY writes:

I made this portrait of Michael Jackson (1958-2009) who was born on this day, 63 years ago. I tried to reveal what he would look like today, alive and with his original African-American appearance.


Holy Shit. I can’t believe how handsome he is!!!! Why oh why would a guy who might look like that, chose to look like this:

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2009/jun/26/michael-jackson-face

Seriously, I’m just blown away. Had to share.

I grew up with this guy’s music. I won’t lie, I loved his music, I loved his dance moves… the Jackson 5 were part of my childhood. It broke my heart to see his transition into total weirdness… and now seeing this image, I’m even more heartbroken.

Ever think about how many absolutely incredible musicians turned wacko and or were alcoholics / drug addicts, and died young?

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