Switching from SAM Broadcaster Pro to MIXXX, part 2

I’d previously written about switching from SAM to MIXXX and said I’d provide an update. Well things took a bit of a turn. I had been installing on a Win10 Laptop, an HP Omen to be exact and I got so fed up with all the Win10 and HP bloatware that I said, fuck this and wiped it clean and installed Pop!_OS a linux distribution from System76. It felt really good to kick those two behemoths to the curb but I can’t lie, I did have a moment or two of thinking, “OMG what have I done!?!”

I didn’t install MIXXX from the OS packages but went here and used the ~focal version. That wasn’t due to my own cleverness, I had help. I did that because I ran into a problem broadcasting – kept getting a uid / pw error on my stream and I knew it was correct because I have MIXXX working in my cloud (azure) with same uid & pw. So, anyway, it’s all sorted now and working well.

The problem I have now is keeping my music database up to date across 3 different places. I’m still using SAM Pro in win10 on my PC for my SL gigs, and I have the two MIXXX installs, one on azure and one on the Pop!_OS. Trying to figure out the best way to manage that. I have so many because I like to run the radio station (autoDJ) from the cloud and when I go on the road I want to use the laptop. I do hope to eventually ditch SAM but not yet. I’d also like a better FTP client, that might help. We’ll see. If I come across anything fabulous I’ll post a part 3 update.

Couldn’t have done any of it without the help of two BFFs, Kit & Armastaja. Thanks guys!!!

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