Klangkarussell – 2 Must Have Tunes

Deep House just isn’t that big a thing in the USA. I’m lucky to have been exposed to it by the most important person in my life but it’s a never ending journey for me. I don’t know why I love it so much but I just fuckin do. This tune is the one stuck in my head this week and if I ever put together that Inception inspired playlist this will be on it.

Klangkarussell, Ghostkeeper Official Video

The sort-of dissonant part that starts at 1:30 gets me. Love it love it.

So in searching the web to learn more about who makes this tune I discovered a few more I love. The following is their biggest hit and yet it has eluded me all these years. I find that both fabulously fun and freakin frustrating.

Klangkarussell – Sonnentanz featuring Will Heard Official Video

I don’t like this one as much as Ghostkeeper but that could change. I can listen to a tune many times then alls a sudden it’s stuck in my head and I can’t shake it loose. We’ll see.

They also have an Elderbrook collab. I’ve written about him before. So that’s pretty sweet.

I’ll be featuring these in all my SL sets over the next few weeks. You can purchase these tunes via Amazon, they’re also in Bandcamp and Spotify.

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