The Truth Is Coming Now reminds me of INCEPTION.

Thanks to YouTube autoplay I heard this one yesterday, “The Truth is Coming Now” by HEARD RIGHT & OAI on the Time is Knowledge EP, I think. There are three tunes with that cover art but this is my favorite. “Hope” is also an easy listen. The middle section of the tune reminds of me the Inception soundtrack. I don’t know exactly which but some part of it.

Inception is one of my favorite movies, ever. Not only is the writing, acting, and direction fantastic, the music is perfect.

Once upon a time there was an Inception app for the iPhone. You start it up, put on your headphones, and it would bring the noises going on around you (via your phone mic) into the music and turn it into this super trippy experience. I just checked the app store and it’s no longer there. Too bad.

Anyway, enjoy The Truth is Coming Now.

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