Chris Malinchak – The Fourth

I’ve had a few musicians / engineers that I’ve been crazy about the past year or two – Kaskade, Elderbrook, TOKiMONSTA, and Chris Malinchak to be specific. I check in on their feeds regularly to see what’s new and in doing so I come across gems that – somehow! – fell thru the cracks. Here’s one from Malinchak that I just must share.

Hot men (Tom… Skerritt my fav!), very hot machines, grand bromances, burning chemistry (can’t tell Cruise and McGillis had none irl), and now a Malinchak soundtrack to go with although the track does end somewhat abruptly – what’s not to love?!

This tune is a bit reminiscent of the disco type, EDM of the era that the Top Gun film was released, 1986. Plus, it gives me a little Daft Punk feel in places.

Funny how much Tom Cruise looks the same today while everyone else has changed so drastically – right? Val is almost unrecognizable these days and Kelly has dropped nearly all her feminine vibe. Oh well, time ages us all no matter how we fight it.

Meanwhile, speaking of chemistry is it just me or do Tom & Kelly on the motorcycle – do it so much better than Kimye? ha!!

Anyway, I came across that looking for this – bought the single for $1.50 on Amazon. Whattabargain 🙂 It’s a year old but… who cares? It’ll be featured tomorrow at the Biology Club.

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