Chris Malinchak – The Fourth

I’ve had a few musicians / engineers that I’ve been crazy about the past year or two – Kaskade, Elderbrook, TOKiMONSTA, and Chris Malinchak to be specific. I check in on their feeds regularly to see what’s new and in doing so I come across gems that – somehow! – fell thru the cracks. Here’s one from Malinchak that I just must share.

Hot men (Tom… Skerritt my fav!), very hot machines, grand bromances, burning chemistry (can’t tell Cruise and McGillis had none irl), and now a Malinchak soundtrack to go with although the track does end somewhat abruptly – what’s not to love?!

This tune is a bit reminiscent of the disco type, EDM of the era that the Top Gun film was released, 1986. Plus, it gives me a little Daft Punk feel in places.

Funny how little Tom Cruise’s looks have changed while everyone else has changed so drastically – right? Val is almost unrecognizable these days and Kelly has dropped nearly all her feminine vibe. Oh well, time ages us all no matter how we fight it. 8/12/2021 Update: BTW, VAL – his documentary, is absolutely fantastic!!! Highly recommend it.

Meanwhile, speaking of chemistry is it just me or do Tom & Kelly, on the motorcycle, do it so much better than Kimye? ha!!

Anyway, I came across that looking for this – bought the single for $1.50 on Amazon. Whattabargain 🙂 It’s a year old but who cares? It’ll be featured tomorrow at the Biology Club.

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