Switching from SAM Broadcaster Pro to MIXXX.

I got a new laptop. Yes!

So I was installing SAM and the license said no… too many instances running. I don’t have a way to see all the places it’s installed. I’ve been using it for five years or more. So i wrote to support to get it sorted out.

Basically support accused me of using it in two different states and they’d help me but if showed up on two states again my license would be revoked. This after me stating that I moved. I wasn’t using in two states, to my knowledge, and could they please either give me more information or kill instances associated to New York. I told them very clearly that they were not helping me, and they really weren’t and never really did.

I don’t know about you but I believe that where we spend our money is one of the last freedoms we have. I don’t like spending my money on stuff and then get treated as a criminal by default. So I decided I won’t be using SAM anymore except within specific SL gigs.

With a little help from my friend I have MIXXX installed in the cloud and I’m getting to know it. Soon as that’s done I’ll start broadcasting 24/7. MIXXX has a nice interface (posted image) and I love how easy it is to edit songs in the library. BPM is another feature I enjoy. It’s much different from SAM so there will be a learning curve for me.

Also in the works:

  1. Show schedule… what’s playing when. Some examples: 1) Hein Bratt on Sunday mornings followed by other spiritual inducing tunes. 2) Thursday (already going on with the Biology Club gig), Friday, Saturday evening => Night dancing. 3) Holiday specials. 4) Some spoken word (my copy of the King – Conroy – Straub – Grisham fundraiser which I attended in person). I’m open to suggestions. If you’re in SL leave a note on the bulletin board.
  2. Archives available as .mp3 (for example I want to have artist specials – like back in the day when you made your own tapes; e.g. your favorite Aerosmith tunes.
  3. Show podcasts… i get a friend or two together and we talk about music stuff. I have some badass music friends!
  4. Getting other SIMS to have my broadcast loaded.
  5. Getting S&I to make some new intros and drops for the station (kelzone).
  6. Documenting how i’ll pay royalties if I ever get more than a few listeners. Now wouldn’t that be a nice problem to have.

I have a discord going specific to set ups for podcasts, broadcasting, etc.

Stay tuned.

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