It’s been while but selling a home and relocating to a new state in the middle of winter and amidst a global pandemic can be all consuming. Plus, at my new location I’m still struggling to get my internet service functioning properly so I can start the stream again…

But I can listen local and I found the first song I wanted to hear after I got everything set up was Elderbrook‘s Something About You. I thought I had already written here about Elderbrook but now realize that writing was on a Discord server of mine that no longer exists.

So, first, the tune:

It was love at first listen for me when I heard that tune last year. It led me to listen to everything he had on his YouTube channel, Soundcloud, official website, or anywhere else I could find his songs.

And then I saw the video! I don’t know what it is but there is something about seeing a group of men in all shapes and sizes dance like this – it made me teary and it made my heart all swell up … you know what I’m talking about. And check out the comments to that video, I’m not alone. The video and music really moved so many people. What a beautiful thing!

It’s rare to find a musician who’s entire discography appeals to me but this guy… I really enjoy nearly everything he does!

Here are a couple more:

I love the playful, honest lyrics. And all the dancing… mmmmm I love the dancing.

His latest is the Why Do We Shake In The Cold album.

For folks like me who adore EDM, he’s a must!

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