2021 – At Last


2020 is unlike any other year of my life and I bet most would say something similar. For me, it ran the emotional scale from one end to the other. Sometimes I thought I might have mental problems, like, why am I crying all the time. A word, or the lack of one, a picture, a scene, a thought, a change in the weather – no rhyme or reason except for the low grade, constant stress of life in 2020.

Much like when Joe Biden was elected I felt cheerful relief yesterday. 2020 is finally over. But also like post-Biden election, the feeling didn’t last long. Tip: Don’t read or listen to the news.

Meanwhile, I’m packing up and leaving New York. I’m working on having the stream going full time until I’m out of here which is less than two weeks. I won’t be able to keep the stream going while I’m traveling because the broadcast software requires I stay logged in, via VM, to the cloud based server. So…

I’ll spend the time wondering where this site and the stream will go from here. Like everything else in my life right now, it’s unknown. I am noodling documenting my journey here using some sort of musical slant – can do easily from my phone… it’s just a thought.

Although everything in my life is unknown at the moment there is still plenty for me to be cheerful about with being healthy at the top of the list … so Don’t give up ♫•¨•.¸¸♪!

And all the best to all of us for a much better year in 2021.

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