I’ll Stand By You

This one is stuck in my head today.

I have one person in mind as I sing along with this tune but I can also see it as a reminder of how we should all be behaving toward one another.

We have become a country of citizens who seem to have polarized, completely separate, beliefs regarding what is real and what is fake and what is my truth versus your truth. It’s feeding the wrong feelings, it’s scary, and it’s dangerous.

We can’t totally blame the current Divider-in-Chief but he certainly owns more responsibility than he’d like to admit. No good will come of us being divided and I don’t think you need to be old and wise to realize that.

In the mid 90s I had a fire. It destroyed our home and all our possessions. As we stood there watching the flames consume everything my neighbors, who I barely knew, were already busy collecting clothing and essential stuff for us. The generosity and genuine caring of these folks filled my heart not only with gratitude but also with pride that these were my people, my tribe. I like to think we can still be like that.

Anyway, this is the tune of the day.

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