Hein Braat, Dutch mantra singer

I’m a long time SecondLife member having joined back in September, 2006. At that time I joined because I worked for IBM who had developed a large sim there. We actually had in-world meetings. I had a job interview in SL once. Anyway, IBM left, I stayed.

One of my favorite places in SL is the Hakari, originally a mostly Buddhist themed sim developed by Moon Fargis. It’s a lovely peaceful place to explore and relax.

In Hakari there is an open air, sort-of, pagoda. When I first entered that space the music changed to something which was unknown to me but within moments I was emotionally overwhelmed. I asked Moon about the music and he graciously shared the details with me.

Hein Braat – Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

The tune is a shant – a sung chant – performed by Hein Braat. I purchased the CD directly from his website. The CD has two mantras but I have never listened to the Gayatri Mantra. It is the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra that riveted me and spoke to my heart. And this tune is still a safe haven for me. I will listen or sing on my own when my mind needs to be distracted, or I want a very long meditation session, or I need help falling asleep.

If you listen to kel.zone radio – which no one does (if they did I’d be paying royalties :-p) – you’ll eventually hear AutoDJ spin this 70 minute tune. I also often start the stream with it, or play it on Sunday mornings.

The 70 minute duration equates to repeating the mantra 108 times. Why 108 times?

The significance of the number 108 varies from antiquated estimations of the ecliptic ways of the sun and moon to the distances and diameter of the earth, sun, and moon. To recite a mantra 108 times is said to help bring in harmony with the vibrations of the universe.

As the devoted HB sings, more and more emotion enters and there are certain points which are still, to this day, no matter how many times I’ve heard the entire thing, able to make me teary.

“What happens when we chant Maha Mrityunjaya mantra?

It is believed if you religiously chant this mantra, then Lord Shiva creates a protective shield around you that protects you from sudden death and bestows health, wealth, and peace. The mantra helps you bring your physical, mental, and emotional state all in place; all aligned with one another.”

Ohm triyambakam yaja-mahe

Sugandhim push tivardhanam

urvarukamiva bandhanan

mrrityormokshiya mamrritat

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