Paul van Dyk’s latest, Guiding Light with Sue McLaren

I saw PvD way back in August 2007 when he performed in Central Park. I was reluctant… I knew his music already and loved it, thought he was so cool, but what’s the fun in watching a DJ / engineer / etc playing with his equipment? I didn’t quite get it – but I needed to go because Time of Our Lives is still one of my all time favorites. (You can buy the CD with multiple versions – i highly recommend!)

It was fabulous. It’s all about the shared experience with a crowd of like minded people – like minded in support of the artist and their music at concert volume. The ultimate dance party.

Enjoy his latest, this came out today and it’s a beautiful song and message. So glad he’s still doing what he does! He has been doing live streams during the pandemic, in case you’re interested.

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