Time for a few U2 stories.

U2 and my son are forever mixed together for me. I’d love U2 anyway but that connection makes them priceless.

After my son and I moved to NY, he was about 3, I nabbed a decent job in Rye at the Texaco Corporate Hq. I commuted there from Bedford and he was in a nearby childcare / daycare so he rode with me every morning. Usually I’d carry him out dressed, pop him in the backseat and he’d continue to sleep most of the way there. (Note: there would be no point to belt him in, he escaped from those before he was a year old. please)

One particular morning I was really frustrated. I was looking for a song. There was no mobile phone, no shazam, none of that. You prayed the DJ would give the information but all too often they did not. I was having such a moment. I was looking for them to play and say my song, the song I wanted to hear. I kept missing the info and at this point it was making me crazy. Then it came on, and it was announced ahead of time, I finally knew!!!!!!

U2 – Pride.

U2 – Pride

It was at that moment on 684, right there by the Hutch and White Plains, some asswipe dangerously cuts me off. I cursed, something like: GDit!~ what the actual F!! is wrong with you!!! Completely forgotten is the 3year old in the back seat who rises up slowly behind me with his water gun or whatever it was and said, “Where is he, I’ll get him?!” 🙂 Little Man.

We both learned about U2 that morning. And many mornings to come we heard that CD over and over and over. And there were many other times that U2 brought us together but one which was particularly fun for me happened in Ireland.

My son went to school in Dublin and I’d go over to see him start the school year at least until he told me to stop because I cried too much. Anyway, this particular year I learned U2 was performing at Lansdowne or somewhere which was within walking distance of where my aunt was living and I was staying. I tried to talk my kid into going with me but he wanted none of it, he thought it was way too weird. That certainly didn’t stop me.

I did stop a time or two for a beer and by the time I got there it was without a doubt that I was in the right place. The concert was on and fun was to be had. I couldn’t get in but I didn’t need to get in, people were outside lined up along the walks. I looked for a spot, found a good place and soon enough was surrounded by other like minded people who were more than happy to share a Guiness! U2 was on the stage blasting like it was the ultimate street party. Gods that was fun!

One last one… he and me are once more in the car. We’re on the road. He’s home from school and we’ve been to KY for Christmas via Ohio where we picked up and rode with a townie, a friend of mine from high school. It was a good time. But now it’s over. it’s dark, (that’s an 1,100 miles trip without Ohio!), we’re on that last home stretch on I84… That’s when I heard it. I was suddenly electrified, I cranked up the radio and shouted, “Who the hell is that?! Do you know that song?! Was that Edge?!? Is that U2? OMG!” Yeah. It was just like that. He didn’t know who it was either but we both waited for it and sure enough it played again. Brand new U2 – Mysterious Ways.

I saw that show at MSG.

So yeah, I love me some U2. That’s a few stories out of so many. They even surpassed The Beatles as my all time favorite band, ages ago! But, do you, like me, ever smile about them being a Christian Rock band? Amen bros!

So next project for stream is to rip all my U2 and get it in play. I moved some over tonight and played a long set. More to come. And a tip – if you haven’t seen the documentary: It Might Get Loud… I highly recommend it.

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