You can live in this illusion, You can choose to believe…

Trent Reznor, Right Where It Belongs

I remember very clearly where I was when I heard Pretty Hate Machine for the first time. I was blown away and I have followed the career of Trent Reznor since that time, late 1997, nearly a decade after the album release. I was slow to the NIN party, but I’ve been there ever since.

Head like a hole, black as your soul, I’d rather DIE than give you control!

Trent Reznor, Head Like a Hole

I had heard of NIN by way of David Bowie a few months before Pretty Hate Machine. Bowie was on a soundtrack, Lost Highway, which is why I had to have it (I’m Deranged). It included Perfect Drug. Everyone knows falling in love is a very addictive situation and the Perfect Drug reflected that perfectly. Musically it was bombarding, complicated, and all the things industrial rock promises.

I also remember the day With Teeth dropped. It was made available to stream on MySpace. I started it as I started my work day. Checking mail, looking at project plan items for the day, voice messages… while listening to All The Love In The World. Nice, no pretty hate machine but nice. When it gets to about 3 minutes in, I start listening more and working less. When it gets to 3:12… I’m like, WHOA snap!! BOP, BOP harder, Chair dance, then full up on my feet dancing by 4mins. I swear.

Why do you get all the love in the world?!

Trent Reznor, All the Love in the World

That was the show I saw at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC on May 6th, 2005. The tickets sold out online immediately. So, I went to the city on May 5th and stood in line for hours hoping to scalp a ticket by the time i got to the front. No good. But did score one for the next day. It was no assigned seats so we had to stand in line. I was there, literally, all day.

I knew exactly where I wanted to be and the floor aka mosh pit wasn’t it. I got first row, first balcony. A view like this and I had my binoculars with me! I do admit to sitting and looking at Trent through the binocs for quite awhile. He was buff and badass and looking better than any picture I had EVER seen of him. Oh the fantasies I had on the train ride home!

David Bowie also made an appearance at that show, not on stage but back stage and moving through the crowds on the floor. It was fabulous to see him.

And the show was great. It did not disappoint.

Even waiting for the show was fun. I got to know all the people in the line around me (I was alone, as usual) and we had loads of fun. It was funny since most of them were quite a bit younger than me and they thought I was just the coolest thing ever, being there for a NIN show. I laughed, the ignorance of youth.. Trent is much closer to my age than theirs. 🙂

So, it’s fitting that my newest kelzone blog here starts with NIN.

I’ve recently gotten back to making music of my own. I love my Akai MPK249 – a midi controller with so much potential. One of the first tunes I’m working out my own cover of is Right Where It Belongs. Feels good. Real good.

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  1. Awesome. Now I want to give NIN another shot. 🙂

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