Todd Rundgren

Happy Birthday, Todd Rundgren!!

I am in a long term relationship with this man. He makes music and I listen! 🙂

Hello and many of his other pop hits were always there in the background of the 70s, the soundtrack of my young life, but I didn’t know the musical source.

When The Hermit of Mink Hollow came out in 1978 that changed and I became a fan of the incredible Todd Harry Rundgren. The Hermit is an incredible album, everyone I knew loved it and it even seemed like every tune got air time.

The album is one of two which mark that summer of my life, working as a lifeguard at an olympic size city pool where this album played over and over – blasting (nicely) over the PA. (Could get away with that shit back then.)

This is about the same time I met up with one of my dearest lifetime friends (not named out of privacy respect) who, no lie, is a Todd freak! His name is one of the crowd on the TODD album art! This friend read me and selected which Todd album I needed: AWATS

Todd performs that entire album – everything. It’s all him. I mean, that’s nothing now but back then?! LEGEND There is nothing in the musical universe that spoke to me the way that album did (uh, no it wasn’t the LSD). The music. The lyrics. The engineering. The pure tech of it! I still listen to it at least once every few years, with headphones (or in the car), and let it work it’s magic.

The first time I saw Todd was in the 1980s at a local club known as The Chance. I think I was there alone. I know I worked my way to stand near the stage and was alone. And when he played Lowest #1 Common Denominator – Todd, that was me who shouted out my love for you!

SUCH a hot tune.

I saw Todd again as a milestone birthday party with the aforementioned Todd-freak friend. 🙂 We saw him do the Arena album in Alexandria, VA. (what a great album! Today’s the day!!!) We called up our other old college friend, who lives in the area, and he came too! It was fabulous. To top it off, we waited for Todd, out back, after the show, and he came out. As soon as he heard it was my friend’s birthday – He sang him happy birthday. No shit. Legend. (Too bad my video was so dark. Sorry, man)

When I got home and I told my local bff about the show, he wanted to see it. We found out Todd was gonna be at Bearsville so I went again!! That venue, btw, has top shelf acoustics imho.

A few years later, I went with a group to see Todd perform White Knight at UPAC… that’s where he did this (and graciously allows me to leave it posted):

So.. although that was fairly recently, that wasn’t the last time I saw Todd.

In 2019, I received a tremendously fun birthday gift (from more friends who shall remain private): DJ for a Day at WDST in Woodstock, NY. That radio station is at the Bearsville studio. So I’m there, with the real DJ, and we’re chatting and we’re all alone in the building because it was the weekend, and he says – “Oh wait, Someone just came in. Oh yeah, it’s Todd. They’re doing some rehearsing.”

I immediately had fan-panic. And I was meant to do a station break that talked about ads and weather and whatever and all I could think about was that Todd was in the building. Hearing ME! lol Hilarious.

I did get a glimpse of him as I peeked through the curtains in to the adjoining area where he, Kasim, and others were sitting around talking.

Oh yeah. I walked out of there on a cloud.

So, that’s some of my Tales of Todd. But back to the point – today is Todd’s birthday and he’s starting something special if you want to join. Check out The Todd’s Honest Truth Live Stream for only $15. Google it and you’ll see loads of articles about it. After all, Todd is legend… and 72 years old!!! Mama mia – how’d that happen?

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